Bat Box

Bat boxes are artificial nesting structures designed to provide shelter and roosting sites for bats. They are typically constructed from wood, with a variety of designs and sizes available to suit different bat species.

The use of 15mm sawn timber is a common choice for building bat boxes, as it provides a suitable surface for bats to grip onto. The thickness of the timber also provides some insulation, which can help to keep the bats warm.

It is important to note that once bat boxes have been installed, they should never be removed. This is because bats will become accustomed to the location and may rely on it as a roosting site. Removing the box could displace the bats and disrupt their behavior, which can be harmful to their survival.

If you are planning to install bat boxes, it is important to research the specific requirements of the bat species in your area and ensure that the boxes are placed in suitable locations. It is also recommended to seek advice from a local bat conservation organization or ecologist to ensure that the boxes are installed correctly and in a way that is safe for both the bats and humans.